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Although this category is all about our reviews, this category is equally about expansion and entertainment. We strive to make entertaining product analysis’s that have some replay value to them. Yet this category is also about keeping our viewers informed about products that we have had the pleasure to review. To say the least we have all felt ripped off by a purchase, we strive to limit the amount of those feelings. We go deep inside the products and rate them by functionality and aesthetic qualities.

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To Buy Or Not To Buy, In Depth Reviews

We go deep inside every function and strive to make sure our viewers and readers are well informed. Since advertisers don’t have to tell you the truth, they just have to sell the product. We feel it is our duty as a trusted source of information to educate on the pros and cons of your plausible purchase. We enjoy doing these reviews and hope they guide you in the right direction.

Ultimate Power Bank Life 26000mAh Review

26000mAh Power Bank Review

Today we will be reviewing the 26000mAh Ultimate Power Bank from EasyAcc. First the scoring for this product for aesthetics and functionality separately for a more detailed review. If you must know at the time of this review you can grab these for about 50 dollars USD. This power bank boasts four smart charger outputs, two charge inputs and a flashlight! However what this thing really boasts is an ultimate power bank life with 26000mAh.

Ultimate Power Bank

The Sleek Power Bank By EasyAcc

Initially when you see the 26000 mAh power bank you love the way it looks. However holding it it is much heavier than it looks. It still weighs in under two lbs so don't be put off by that. The EasyAcc power bank comes in a dual color theme. Even though it only comes in a black matte finish with an orange accent color It looks great! After all is said and done this power bank is well organized and easy on the eyes. So for a rating on the looks I would give this powerbank a 9.5/10. Due in part to its well organized and sleek look, but lacking customization in colors.

Ultimate Power Bank Life What's The Big Deal

However your grasp of battery knowledge is you know 26000 is a big number. However what does it mean? So in English this power bank can charge your new phones over 6 times without needing a charge! Truly this has the ultimate power bank life. Furthermore the smart charge outputs give optimal charge to all your devices. Not only will you receive optimal charge but it cuts off when they reach full. Alas being equipped with an LED flashlight makes this power bank a great buy for disaster prep! They even knew that such a huge battery would take forever to fully charge so they included two charge ports! Finally the amazing forethought into this power bank earns it a bold 9.5/10. We feel if it could jump a car it would deserve a 10/10 but it is well worth its price!

Ultimate Power bank

Overall Review Overview

In other words this power bank receives an outstanding 9.0/10. The great power behind this battery and the thought into the product makes it an industry leader! Alas this power bank looks great and is organized well, it is also set be as convenient to use and charge. Furthermore as I stated earlier this power bank is great for disaster prep to keep updated and connected with your area. Finally we have found the ultimate power bank life span available to us today!

Where to get the ultimate power bank


XY Findit Gen 3 Review – Gadget Reviews 2016

Welcome To The Review

So the XY Findit Gen 3 has been redesignefd to provide simple and quality customer interactions. To point out, they are glad to have improved it based on peoples previous feedback. Initially, when used you could save 60 hours or more a year by using this simple device. Sometimes in the process you can help someone retrieve their lost or stolen goods using the simple app. Provided that this third generation just came out, just what does the XY Findit do. First let's see what it has to offer, then we will rank it.

XY Findit Gen 3

XY Findit Gen 3 App

Since we can't think of anyone who doesn't love user friendly apps, let's start there! So, the XY Findit Gen 3 has a newly redesigned app. As a matter of fact the new app is probably what makes this device so great. First this app is based around building a community of people. Whereas this app won't make us actually socialize with each other for extended periods of time. We will reach out and help people more willingly. This redefined app looks like google maps but you can see any of your XY Findits on this map. In like manner it will let other users see when you lost something and where it is. 

XY Findit Gen 3 Aesthetics

First and foremost the XY Findit Gen 3 is sleek and elegant. In light of its sleek look it remains durable. Additionally batteries take 2016 watch batteries, which are not that expensive when bought in bulk. Likewise to being sleek and durable it also comes in eight awesome colors suiting every personality. Uniquely there is a button you can press on the device that from looking at it you could never tell. So for aesthetics we here at Minds Eye Design give the XY Findit a 10/10. This device truly looks great!

XY Findit Function

In light of how it looks the XY Findit functions as it should. Notably a nice loud speaker, and a community based app. Yet, these are only some great functions of the XY Findit. Alas this device goes above and beyond what it should have to do to make sure our valuables stay our valuables. Furthermore, in our use of the XY Findit; we had no issue finding our objects even when we left them places downtown. For one thing you might be surprised at how many people in your city is using an XY already, we were. So we would score this device a 9.5 out of 10 in functionality. As a result to our wishing that when you made the device beep it also would light up. Thus making the XY noticeable in the dark more so. However that minor thing cant keep it from a great review.

XY Findit Gen 3


Finally and overall the XY Findit can solve your problem misplacing things easily. The XY Findit also goes above and beyond to ensure you don't lose it out and about either. Thus overall this device gets a 9.25 out of 10 or a 5 star review! So please comment below what you think of this review. Also watch the video one lucky subscriber will win their very own XY Findit gen 3. 

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Find your keys. Find your phone. Find everything with the all new XY3!

New Gadgets 2016 Zoro II Wireless Headphones Review

Zoro II wireless

Sometimes we want quality audio but we do not have hundreds of dollars to shell out for quality audio. If you are someone who wants fantastic mid range headphones for cheap the Zoro II wireless is certainly for you! These headphones are amazing in functionality and in appearance. Initially, I was blown away by the quality for the price and it still stands amazing days later. 

Zoro II


As a matter of fact these are one of if not the best bargain headphones on the marker today! Where these headphones excel is mid-range. While the bass won't be booming causing the headphones to tremble with powerful lows. They also wont have scratchy head-ache inducing highs. The new Vortik speakers broaden the range over its predecessor. Finally headphones you can literally listen to day and night, with a 30+ hour battery life. The Zoro II wireless also boasts a wireless mic with a ten meter transmission distance.

Function Score

Alas there are some negatives to the features in Zoro II. While it is easy to connect I couldn't get the NFC to work. While it remains comfortable for long term use, there is minor pressure attributed to these headphones. Moreover there is some audio leakage where people near you can hear your music. However, it isn't all bad if you just need the 3.5 aux jack, it stays plugged in firmly without extra steps. So for functionality this headset gets a 9/10

Appearance and Score

Equally important to performing well your headphones have to look good. Whereas these headphones do not disappoint. The Zoro II wireless holds a beautiful design with a glossy black piano finish. They even collapse with an awesome snap feature for convenient storage and display when not in use. The only negative sides to the way this looks is the piano finish attracts fingerprints like crazy! Alas the appearance gets a 9/10 while the fingerprints are the issue here, they are easily managed and easy to avoid if aware.


Overall this is my favorite set of budget headphones I've come across. A solid 9/10 review making this a 5 star review! So awesome job and thank you Noontec! So what do you guys think of the Zoro II wireless headset? Let us know what kind of stuff you guys most enjoy from us. We are seeking to better ourselves and are seeking to improve upon the good and do away with the bad. 

New Technology 2016 Emie Elfy Smart Lamp Review

Introductions to my New Friend

Today we have the review on the Emie Elfy Smart Lamp. As a matter of fact we are really happy to be doing another review for our friends at Make The One. This lamp has many features and uses it's my new favorite stress reliever! Additionally, I must say we had a lot of fun making this video review and hope you who watch it enjoy it.

Elfy Smart Lamp

My Emie Elfy Smart Lamp Experience

Instantly, when you open up the Elfy you realize just how adorable it actually is! In addition to being the perfect toy for toddlers, it has many pleasant uses for adults and teens as well. The Emie Elfy is made from a non-toxic silicon and provides just the right amount of light. Furthermore, The silicon diffused the light enough to illuminate but to not wake anyone sleeping in the room. It has a soft and squeeze friendly design making it an awesome stress ball! 

Pro/cons and Score

So my list of cons for the Emie Elfy smart lamp is short and bittersweet. If somehow your bulb or battery breaks, you are out of luck and cannot easily replace them without severely risking breaking your Elfy further. Furthermore, I feel it is slightly expensive to be buying for adults unless they really like plushies or stress balls. As I said I had trouble connecting to the blue-tooth at first. However, I figured out that for whatever reason I could only connect to my Elfy color while it was white. Despite all of that it is still a great thing to buy if you're in the market for a desk toy, night light, or stress toy. Functionality is where this Emie gets its "poor" mark, a 7/10. To clarify this light loses marks for lack of replacing ability or clear instructions. In spite of this it's appearance was adorable and received a 10/10. Due in part to being a soft but bright light and being a great thing if you are in the markets I stated earlier. Overall receiving a 8.5/10 earning a 4 star review from me. Henceforth, I would readily suggest this to many of my friends, especially the ones having babies. Making the Emie Elfy Smart Lamp a worthwhile buy, use coupon code "DuaneELF" for 5% of your Elfy today!

Cool Gadgets – GameSir G4S Game Controller Review

Today, we are reviewing the GameSir G4S gamepad controller for almost all other devices. This cool gadget is a remarkable piece of gaming technology. As stated in the video we will be doing subscriber giveaways in these review videos. So make sure to watch them all to not miss out on a chance to win.

GameSir G4S Appearance

The GameSir G4S controller is a marvel of gaming technology and a cool gadget overall. This great controller is of high quality. The GameSir G4S performs just as good as it looks, a rarity among third party controllers. It follows an Xbox controller model making the controller look and feel familiar. also, it has nice horizontal grooves on the handles in the grips providing excellent grip and comfort. The controller is black with a chrome finish giving it a great look that is sure to catch eyes. The flap to hold your cell phone fits in with the design of the controller. Finally, There is back-lighting to the buttons, more importantly they will not blind you in a dark room. This GameSir G4S controller came in a beautiful and durable display case that held the controller really snug. So, I gave this cool controller a 9.5/10 for aesthetics alone.GameSir G4S


So, we know the controller looks great but how does it function? This controller seeks to make playing all games, but mobile games in particular less frustrating. You can connect to just about everything using this controller! Use multiple types of connections to connect to your smart TV, Linux, PC, game console of choice, or even your cellphone! Best yet, everything you need to connect to what you want to connect to is included. The dead zones in this GameSir G4S controller are very small allowing for accurate and precise use of the joysticks. I was surprised at the response time and felt it responded better if not equal to an xbox one controller. Overall, for performance I gave this controller a 9.0/10 because the games I played required some controller setup. This is not a big deal and takes less than five minutes.

GameSir G4S

GameSir G4S Final Breakdown

For the final score this controller receives a 9.25 out of 10 for being a beautiful and sleek controller that performs beyond expectations. The only things really holding it up from a perfect 10 is minor issues because a 10 rating needs to be as perfect as the score itself. However, this GameSir G4S controller does get a 5 star review from me, and I highly recommend this controller. It's lightweight design with long battery life makes marathon gaming more fun due to its superior response times. I have not been more pleased with any controller my entire life. Please comment your thoughts and opinions below, and check out the links for the GameSir G4S and its coupon code also below.

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Comment Your Thoughts Below

What do you think of the GameSir G4S controller?

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Compact Bluetooth Speaker Review – Portable Mini Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

Compact Bluetooth Speaker

Compact Bluetooth Speaker

This compact bluetooth speaker is not like the others. While fitting in the palm of your hand you can use the high efficiency Lithium-Ion battery to listen to bass thumping, high definition music for 12 hours! Loving music wherever you go has never been simpler, easy or more rewarding. While using a wireless bluetooth connection you will receive clear sound up to 33ft away from the speaker.

For $30

You can’t even say that’s over hyping it because these compact bluetooth speaker will fill a room better than most if not any portable speaker on the market today, making this the perfect office or kitchen speaker. So why pay over $100 on a beats pill, which loses its audio quality in high volume when this little guy for a mere $30 provides superior sound especially while at high volume. The future is now the future of portable music is EC tech portable mini Bluetooth 4.0 speaker. Drop the bass feel the love of music and gadgetry, hear the difference without breaking the bank. Be the envy of the campsite, office space, what have you.

Crisp and Clear Music

Feel the love of music like never before and experience portable crisp and clear music wherever you go without sacrificing the bass that drives the song. High definition love for high definition music at an affordable price with great range and capacity for use. High-quality shell and batteries ensure a long lifespan for your new favorite pocket sized gadget.

Product Features

Update release - The updated wireless portable speaker (Bluetooth 4.0 version) is provided with top CSR Bluetooth chipset. Expedite connection technology can stay clear for up to about 33 feet. The zinc alloy shell is fashion, artistic, generous!
Amazing sound - This compact bluetooth speaker is Built-in high-quality and high-efficiency speaker monomer with 1x 5W driver, the enhanced bass resonator sound offers you an amazing music experience.

8 to 12 hours playtime

Larger capacity - The increscent rechargeable 800mAh Li-ion battery enables you up to 8 to 12 hours playtime; 30 hours call time and about 200 hours standby time.
Incredible features - A unique new breathing light reflects sensitively when playing this compact bluetooth speaker.Especially the loudspeaker frees you from receiving or rejecting a call through cellphone.Package contents: 1x EC Technology Portable Bluetooth Speaker 1x Micro USB Cable; 1x 3.5mm Audio Cable; 1x Instruction Manual

Music of high-def

You will get perfect stereophonic and bass sound in all directions with this bass bluetooth 4.0 speaker. Fill up an entire room with clean and clear music.
- See more @

Cool New Gadgets You Will Love 2016 – iEC Technology Power Bank

 Cool New Gadgets You Will Love 2016 – IEC Technology Power Bank

Cool New Gadgets you’ll love IEC power bank 

This power bank is a phenomenal buy. It is sweat proof rubber shielded for protection, grip, and comfort, This powerbank is one of if not the best mini power bank on the market. More quality cool new gadgets from IEC this powerbank comes equipped with Light emitting diode notifications as to the power level inside the bank as well as a handy torch light if the need arises. This power bank will be able to charge your phone multiple times on a single charge and will surely satisfy all your traveling needs for charging your phone or usb charge device.

Quality and Efficiency

This piece of gadgetry is great for those of you who work on the go or for long road trips. This device is also great in case your power goes out due to dreadful weather, or even just a power outage from a felled tree. The light on the powerbank is great for finding things in the dark as it is bright enough to illuminate but not so bright that you blind yourself or others in the room. I personally have managed to charge my phone twice and still had a small charge left over in the same charge with this power bank. This power bank stands alone from all the other power banks I’ve used in quality and efficiency. This device is efficient because it determines the best charge for your device by itself and will give your device the best charge it can provide extending your battery life that much more! If you’re a gadgeteer or just shopping for one surely these are not cool new gadgets to pass up.

Product Feature

Compact Body: iEC 5200mAh external battery is utterly portable design (9.5x4.4x2.2cm) for maximum portability, totally rubberized in a stylish and simple body, sweat proof rubber gives you fantastic touching feeling.
Auto IC Technology: Carrying with smart charging technology, it identifies your digital devices, and delivers the fastest possible charge for your devices up to 5V/2A of power.
Useful LEDs: Four LED indicators will blink or light solid in various combinations to alert you of the exact battery level percentage; the LED flashlight as a electric torch offers timely help when in the dark or emergencies happen.
Strong Compatibility: Provides you with extra power when you need it most, ideal for charging iPad, iPods, tablets, smartphones, digital cameras, Bluetooth speakers and most USB devices.
Package Contents: 1x 5200mAh External battery; 1x Charging Cable; 1x Travel Pouch; 1x Instruction Manual.
Cool New Gadgets

Charge your phone 1-2 times

iEC 5200mAh Portable Power Bank is a perfect solution for those who travels a lot and often not around a AC wall jack or charging stations. Even if you have access to the AC power jack, sometime you don't feel like carrying those AC adapters or waiting near the AC power jack wall for the phone to fully charge. This iEC 5200mAh battery pack charges my iPhone almost 2 times. This battery pack also has LED light which is not super bright but nice to have. It also has power indicator whether it is 100% full, 75%, 50%, 25% or out of power (the sign looks like a wifi signal but it has nothing to do with wifi 🙂 )."
Cool New Gadgets

Cool New Gadgets

Let's talk about the positives. The device looks sleek and this device barely has a profile and can easily fit in any of your pockets. Everything is nicely machined with a smooth corners all around. The seams are hardly felt. If you have this in your pocket, it won't scratch anything else. The device has a smooth metal feel. There is no sense in trying to save a few dollars to get a substandard product that may not even be at the rated capacity or even worse, use unsafe cells/electronics that may cause fires. Charging is quick and only takes 2.5 hours on an AC adapter. The USB cable is compact and quite sturdy and is used for both charging the battery and your device (you may need to get your own USB cable depending on your device). 
"Well made at a VERY low price!

**Received in Exchange for Honest Review**

I have tried out several EC Technology products in the past and have always found them to be of the highest quality available on Amazon.. They do a wonderful job designing their products and end up releasing some of the highest quality products on Amazon!! Their 5,200mAH power bank follows that trend!! Let's see how this product does!!
Test: I tested this on the following devices and it worked like a charm and offered AT LEAST one full charge to the device while having power left over.. Sometimes PLENTY of power
1.) Nexus 6P
2.) Iphone 6 and 6S
3.) Kindle Fire HDX
4.) Kindle FIre HD
5.) One Plus One
6.) GoPro (Even powers the GoPro during recording!)
7.) Nintendo 3DS with cable purchased from Amazon
These cool new gadgets work GREAT with all those devices and SHOULD work with any device that can charge VIA USB.. That list is just a small sample of devices it can charge, and over the next several days I will continue to test with other devices!!- See more at:"

Comment Below

Let us know what you think of these cool new gadgets

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Star Wars 3D Lamp Review – Cool Kids Room Lighting – Stormtrooper Wall Lamp

Here is our review of the super cool Star Wars 3D Lamp sold by Gear Best. This is the Stormtrooper 3D lamp that has helmet that lights up blue.  
Star Wars 3D Lamp Review – Cool Kids Room Lighting – Stormtrooper Wall Lamp
This 3D stormtrooper helmet is an awesome gift for any real Star Wars fan. This collectible comes in more than just the stormtrooper variety but since all I can speak for is the stormtrooper helmet one, it makes the most badass nightlight that I have ever seen and is awesome Starwars decor for any man cave themed for a galaxy far far away. I can’t say I would say it was quite worth the $80 USD, but it certainly gets a decent review from me just because the way the lights light up is awesome and pretty efficient on batteries. However I wouldn’t call this thing a lamp by any sense of the imagination. I give this wall mounted stormtrooper helmet a 6.5/10 for a misleading label (lamp,) and the fact I payed $80 for a night light. However the ease of assembly and the ability to pop out and look good on the most cluttered of walls in the house keeps it from losing additional points. In the end it looks great it’s just not $80 great to me because while I’m a Star Wars fan I’m not into spending money for aesthetics only.
Star Wars Storm Trooper Shape 3D Wall Lamp  
Decorative Night Light Home Decoration

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