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Incredible Inventions – Cool High-Tech Vehicles

The water car may not be something completely new, but at these speeds it's mind blowing badass The water speed on this baby is 44 mph with this Incredible Inventions spontaneous tubing adventures await!Incredible Inventions The motorized monocycle from Torq is truly a Incredible Invention that is fresh outta sci fi. You sit inside your wheel and zip across land. This will make heads turn and explode in awe. If you are the type who would want to zip around with your family in a go kart this is a must buy.

Incredible Inventions

Remember riding the big wheels as a child and thinking you were the bee's knees. The Lean Green machine is the adult version. Built to drag race this motorized big wheel will crush competition and make you feel like a badass with this high-tech trike. The Torq Roadster is a Incredible Inventions in the world of vehicles and green technology. This electric powered car has 0 emissions and goes from 0-100 mph and can go from 0-60 in 4 seconds. Its innovative 3-wheel design allows for a stronger acceleration that will blow not only your hair, but your mind! If you love sports cars and trying to reduce your carbon footprint this roadster is most certainly your new dream car.

More Incredible Inventions

The knight armored SUV does a lot more than look like you bought and charged up a used military vehicle. This car comes with night vision, a smoke release security system and is surrounded in ballistic steel plating even the gas cover is covered. This citizen tank will blow minds, and set standards in the high-tech world of personal armored cars, and it will certainly show your neighbors who the boss is.

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Sometimes it's just worth spending that extra cash on some fun toys...or maybe were just running for our lives from ZOMBIES... maybe we just want the neighbors to know we own every Cool HIGH-TECH thing available to man. So sit back and enjoy these incredible inventions. One of these AMAZING vehicles is bound to fit that need.

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The Water Car Lean Green Machine Torq Roadster Motorized Moncycle Knight XV Armored SUV

Compact Bluetooth Speaker Review – Portable Mini Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

Compact Bluetooth Speaker

Compact Bluetooth Speaker

This compact bluetooth speaker is not like the others. While fitting in the palm of your hand you can use the high efficiency Lithium-Ion battery to listen to bass thumping, high definition music for 12 hours! Loving music wherever you go has never been simpler, easy or more rewarding. While using a wireless bluetooth connection you will receive clear sound up to 33ft away from the speaker.

For $30

You can’t even say that’s over hyping it because these compact bluetooth speaker will fill a room better than most if not any portable speaker on the market today, making this the perfect office or kitchen speaker. So why pay over $100 on a beats pill, which loses its audio quality in high volume when this little guy for a mere $30 provides superior sound especially while at high volume. The future is now the future of portable music is EC tech portable mini Bluetooth 4.0 speaker. Drop the bass feel the love of music and gadgetry, hear the difference without breaking the bank. Be the envy of the campsite, office space, what have you.

Crisp and Clear Music

Feel the love of music like never before and experience portable crisp and clear music wherever you go without sacrificing the bass that drives the song. High definition love for high definition music at an affordable price with great range and capacity for use. High-quality shell and batteries ensure a long lifespan for your new favorite pocket sized gadget.

Product Features

Update release - The updated wireless portable speaker (Bluetooth 4.0 version) is provided with top CSR Bluetooth chipset. Expedite connection technology can stay clear for up to about 33 feet. The zinc alloy shell is fashion, artistic, generous!
Amazing sound - This compact bluetooth speaker is Built-in high-quality and high-efficiency speaker monomer with 1x 5W driver, the enhanced bass resonator sound offers you an amazing music experience.

8 to 12 hours playtime

Larger capacity - The increscent rechargeable 800mAh Li-ion battery enables you up to 8 to 12 hours playtime; 30 hours call time and about 200 hours standby time.
Incredible features - A unique new breathing light reflects sensitively when playing this compact bluetooth speaker.Especially the loudspeaker frees you from receiving or rejecting a call through cellphone.Package contents: 1x EC Technology Portable Bluetooth Speaker 1x Micro USB Cable; 1x 3.5mm Audio Cable; 1x Instruction Manual

Music of high-def

You will get perfect stereophonic and bass sound in all directions with this bass bluetooth 4.0 speaker. Fill up an entire room with clean and clear music.
- See more @

COOL New Technologies that PROVE we are in THE FUTURE 2016

Some of the latest cool new technologies and inventions for 2016 we take flight with the latest in Hoverbikes and Jet Packs.

Cool New Technologies

This exhilarating modern marvel from the future is currently on the market in 1/3 scaling with a full sized version coming to market when the cost is right for market. It is easier to use and more rugged than a helicopter and is considered to be extremely low maintenance making it more effective than a helicopter in many aspects. It can be flown manned or not and has many practical uses such as being a reliable and safe low level flight workhorse. The smaller drone model can carry boxes imagine what the full scale model can carry other than people. Testing the limits of these cool new technologies can definitely make you a good amount of money, the sky's the limit after all. personally, I can’t wait to receive my pizza by hoverbike!

Speeds up to 170 knots!

With the 352 lbs of thrust that these jetpacks can provide and a black and grey outfit you can feel like batman flying around Gotham at speeds up to 170 knots! These 150lb jet packs have been flight tested in Dubai. Just remember to look at your reflection in the skyscrapers you’re flying by and see you’re holding the future on your back right now. If you want to kick it with the birds in the sky or just master the power of flight this device is certainly yours to adore and love. We may of not gotten a real hoverboard this year, but McFly can keep them now because we’re in the sky now! These cool new technologies certainly scream (one of them much louder than the other) the future is now! Cool New Technologies


01:10 Hoverbike from Malloy Aeronautics is cheaper, more rugged and easier to use – and represents a whole new way to fly. The Hoverbike flies like a quadcopter, and can be flown unmanned or manned, while being a safe – low level aerial workhorse with low on-going maintenance. 02:38 Yves Rossy & Vince Reffet - Birdman's Fly over Dubai Sky Join Jetman Yves Rossy and his protege, Jetman Vince Reffet as they explore the limits in the city of dreams.

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Cool STRANGE and Unusual Inventions – Weird and Creative Gadgets

Here is a list of cool and unusual inventions people came up with over the years to make our lives easier. Some inventions are strange or weird and some are just plain cool!

Unusual Inventions Indeed

When someone says they’re going to revolutionize camping and travel not much comes to mind on how you would do that. Introducing the Scooter Camper it's a scooter and a camper all in one. It sits, sleeps and travels one in tiny house style. Unusual Inventions

0:26 The Scooter Camper Bufalino Piaggio Ape-50

A Reusable Candle

Have you ever heard of the reusable candle? This unusual invention allows you to make a candle as you use a candle. For those of us who have to recycle everything, the statement just became more true.

Picture if you would a world where your late night drink can have ice, without any noise. Introducing the ice tray, now with ejectors. This ice cube tray probably could've saved a few marriages back in their prime.

More Unusual Inventions

unusual invention for anyone living in a small space, or anyone who wants to keep their bathroom cleaning supplies in the bathroom. This bathtub has sides that open up to create a pocket shelf and open up the space within the box that holds the tub. Use caution with small children though.

Shovels for Hands

Never in my life have I wished I had shovels for hands. However, when I saw these unusual inventions I’m glad I never wished that for my mother's sake, oh the hell I would of raised.

I don’t know why you would need more than a 4 port usb hub. But if you plug everything into your computer, and often find yourself with insufficient ports, this is your new savior.

Privacy Bubble

The privacy bubble seems like the perfect place to get away and get lost in a view. Not very stealthy if you go to the park to people watch, and I wonder how they keep it cool in there.

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5 Cool Watches That You Really Should See – Technology Trends

Here are 5 Cool Watches that you really should See! These clever new inventions will make you rethink your existing Watch. Some of these cool watches used here are truly impressive!

5 Cool Watches

The Cogito smartwatch can track activities and essential notifications, because ain’t nobody got time for that. You can link your phone to the watch and can control it from the watch. Play a song, take a picture, make a phone call all from this watch. Best yet this watch has ultra long lasting batteries so you don’t need to recharge it.


The SOLOSCOPE automatic watch is a beautifully new-age, antique fusion watch. You power the watch as you wear it and a new-age but convenient, one hand time-telling design, makes this a truly unique piece of arm fashion. This is most certainly a watch for those who wish to be noticed while standing out.

Tawny Shark

The Tawny Shark is a simple looking but sleek sport watch, designed around the orbiting in our solar system. Comes in a multitude of colors including red, blue, green and more for black leather. This watch has a tan leather and tan accent color option, if you are in the market for a quality tan leather sports watch.
Cool Watches

Thesis Watches

Thesis watches are a cubic designed watch with a unique internal design much like a circular pyramid. Sapphire crystal display and real leather definitively accurate time with three tier time telling platform keep track of your seconds. This watch will make heads snap like the edges of this cool watch.

Powered By Your Movement

Anicorn series k452 powered by your movement, disc telling time system. This watch is made with materials from Sweden and France. This watch comes in three colors black gold and silver made with quality materials depending on your color.
Cool Watches

5 Cool Watches

00:08 COGITO FIT: The beautifully connected watch

02:04 The SOLOSCOPE Automatic Watch by XERIC

03:54 Tawny Shark: Sport Watch Inspired By Pilot And Solar System

05:35 THESIS WATCHES - Make a Statement

06:28 Anicorn Series K452 Watches

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New Technology That Proves We Are In The Future 2016 #23


Some of the latest cool new technology 2016 and inventions we absolutely love. Featured new technology 2016 the Orange Solar Tent!

New Technology 2016

00:08 Orange Solar Tent - Kaleidoscope leveraged knowledge from the consumer goods and emerging technology markets to create an innovative Orange Solar Tent product design concept.  The annual Glastonbury music festival draws crowds from around the world to celebrate performing arts, the great outdoors and worthy causes. To address the on-site power needs of Glastonbury’s eco-conscious campers, Kaleidoscope teamed up with Orange—one of the world’s leading telecommunication providers. Technology 2016


01:34 XTI Aircraft TRIFAN 600 - Aviation enthusiasts have been dreaming about an airplane like the TriFan 600 for over 100 years. XTI is about to place all of us on the doorstep of a new era of flight. technology 2016

A Multi-purpose Folding Cart-wagon System

02:40 EROVR is a multi-purpose folding cart-wagon system, capable to transform into a mover's dolly, hand truck, flat cart, hand cart, kids wagon, beach wagon, utility wagon and much more. Find out today about EROVR and its revolutionary capabilities at Technology 2016

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Cool New Gadgets You Will Love 2016 – iEC Technology Power Bank

 Cool New Gadgets You Will Love 2016 – IEC Technology Power Bank

Cool New Gadgets you’ll love IEC power bank 

This power bank is a phenomenal buy. It is sweat proof rubber shielded for protection, grip, and comfort, This powerbank is one of if not the best mini power bank on the market. More quality cool new gadgets from IEC this powerbank comes equipped with Light emitting diode notifications as to the power level inside the bank as well as a handy torch light if the need arises. This power bank will be able to charge your phone multiple times on a single charge and will surely satisfy all your traveling needs for charging your phone or usb charge device.

Quality and Efficiency

This piece of gadgetry is great for those of you who work on the go or for long road trips. This device is also great in case your power goes out due to dreadful weather, or even just a power outage from a felled tree. The light on the powerbank is great for finding things in the dark as it is bright enough to illuminate but not so bright that you blind yourself or others in the room. I personally have managed to charge my phone twice and still had a small charge left over in the same charge with this power bank. This power bank stands alone from all the other power banks I’ve used in quality and efficiency. This device is efficient because it determines the best charge for your device by itself and will give your device the best charge it can provide extending your battery life that much more! If you’re a gadgeteer or just shopping for one surely these are not cool new gadgets to pass up.

Product Feature

Compact Body: iEC 5200mAh external battery is utterly portable design (9.5x4.4x2.2cm) for maximum portability, totally rubberized in a stylish and simple body, sweat proof rubber gives you fantastic touching feeling.
Auto IC Technology: Carrying with smart charging technology, it identifies your digital devices, and delivers the fastest possible charge for your devices up to 5V/2A of power.
Useful LEDs: Four LED indicators will blink or light solid in various combinations to alert you of the exact battery level percentage; the LED flashlight as a electric torch offers timely help when in the dark or emergencies happen.
Strong Compatibility: Provides you with extra power when you need it most, ideal for charging iPad, iPods, tablets, smartphones, digital cameras, Bluetooth speakers and most USB devices.
Package Contents: 1x 5200mAh External battery; 1x Charging Cable; 1x Travel Pouch; 1x Instruction Manual.
Cool New Gadgets

Charge your phone 1-2 times

iEC 5200mAh Portable Power Bank is a perfect solution for those who travels a lot and often not around a AC wall jack or charging stations. Even if you have access to the AC power jack, sometime you don't feel like carrying those AC adapters or waiting near the AC power jack wall for the phone to fully charge. This iEC 5200mAh battery pack charges my iPhone almost 2 times. This battery pack also has LED light which is not super bright but nice to have. It also has power indicator whether it is 100% full, 75%, 50%, 25% or out of power (the sign looks like a wifi signal but it has nothing to do with wifi 🙂 )."
Cool New Gadgets

Cool New Gadgets

Let's talk about the positives. The device looks sleek and this device barely has a profile and can easily fit in any of your pockets. Everything is nicely machined with a smooth corners all around. The seams are hardly felt. If you have this in your pocket, it won't scratch anything else. The device has a smooth metal feel. There is no sense in trying to save a few dollars to get a substandard product that may not even be at the rated capacity or even worse, use unsafe cells/electronics that may cause fires. Charging is quick and only takes 2.5 hours on an AC adapter. The USB cable is compact and quite sturdy and is used for both charging the battery and your device (you may need to get your own USB cable depending on your device). 
"Well made at a VERY low price!

**Received in Exchange for Honest Review**

I have tried out several EC Technology products in the past and have always found them to be of the highest quality available on Amazon.. They do a wonderful job designing their products and end up releasing some of the highest quality products on Amazon!! Their 5,200mAH power bank follows that trend!! Let's see how this product does!!
Test: I tested this on the following devices and it worked like a charm and offered AT LEAST one full charge to the device while having power left over.. Sometimes PLENTY of power
1.) Nexus 6P
2.) Iphone 6 and 6S
3.) Kindle Fire HDX
4.) Kindle FIre HD
5.) One Plus One
6.) GoPro (Even powers the GoPro during recording!)
7.) Nintendo 3DS with cable purchased from Amazon
These cool new gadgets work GREAT with all those devices and SHOULD work with any device that can charge VIA USB.. That list is just a small sample of devices it can charge, and over the next several days I will continue to test with other devices!!- See more at:"

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5 Cool Wallets That You Really Should See | New Inventions 2016


Here are our top picks for 2016 Top 5 Cool Wallets you must see! These are cool wallets but they are also unusual and interesting inventions.

Cool Wallets

The Safe wallet is a remarkable invention in an ever more open world we need to protect our identity and money more than when the wallet was first invented. This wallet will set standards in personal identity protection. With over 1000 combinations and RFID protection and custom combination compatibility, only you can read your cards without personally handing them to someone else. Vault protection from the safety and conveyance of a pocket sized wallet.Cool Wallets

New Wallet

New wallet is a great wallet for those who never leave their phones alone. Now whenever you hold your phone you are holding your wallet as well. It also has an alarm that can sync with a low frequency bluetooth device to tell you if you forget your phone and wallet behind somewhere.Cool Wallets

Sketch Wallet

Sketch wallet is great for inspiring artists or writers on the go, also great for students. Take notes, sketch, write memos, write inspirations for your next novel whatever you want to write you can write it in sketch wallet. This wallet is a great buy for any college student or aspiring artist. Organization for cards, cash, a mini-sketch book, and even a writing utensil!Cool Wallets

Fusion Wallet 2

Possibly the most unique wallet on this list is the fusion wallet 2. This wallet can hold change, cards, cash, or other small valuables. The wallet holds cards and cash securely and discretely without ever having to open the wallet. While change and small valuables are secured in the internal storage bay with a unproblematic flip open tab that is nice to have.Cool Wallets

A Minimalist Wallet

Looking for something more minimalist? Try the mostrad wallet this wallet is made to be stylish and in the between of full fledged wallet and minimalist wallet. Designed to be affordable and aesthetically pleasing while still functioning as a wallet, the mostrad will have you saying rad in no time.

Cool Wallets

Cool Wallets Featured

THE MINI SAFE WALLET Be the only one able to access inside your wallet.
RFID Safe : protects your cards from fraud
Holds up to 12 credit cards
Practical, compact, resistant, very light
Anodized aluminium and polycarbonate

02:29 New Wallet = wallet + protective phone case + tracking tech

03:32 Sketch Wallet - Always have your sketchbook with you with Sketch Wallet! It's a leather wallet with a sketchbook inside.

05:35 The Fusion Wallet 2 - The Fusion wallet is made from quality aluminium and a variety of hardwood’s.


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Awesome New Technology Cool Gadgets and Inventions #7 2016

Awesome New Technology 

Enjoy this collection of a awesome new technology that includes many futuristic inventions, including the Fyboard Air an awesome new technology that allows one to fly at up to 93 mph!

Would you try it?

We are one step closer to individual flight! Fly for up to 10 min at a ceiling of 10,000 ft and a top speed of 93 miles per hour or 150 km/hour. Would you try it?

The Fyboard Air

The Fyboard Air is an awesome new technology that allows one to fly at up to 93 mph (150 km/hr.) This invention can sustain manned flight for up to 10 minutes at 10,000 ft. Talking about innovative inventions this is bringing us one step closer to the land of tomorrow. When you look at the device you don’t really think that it can do what it claims but your mom should of raised you to never judge a book by it's cover, cause this machine means business. Fast agile strong and dependable, this is for sure an invention to keep an eye for so you can play as if you were in the future today.

The Smartall AI Butler

The Smartall AI butler is a new invention meant to give you more time to spend with your family and less time doing all your basic house tasks. This device has facial recognition software and can turn on and off devices in your home, it will even lock the door for you! Keep tabs on your children if they arrive home before you and know that the AI within the device will ensure they don’t get into anything you don’t want them to. Be safe secure and more power efficient than ever before with the Smartall AI butler. This device is made to be affordable to the masses as the slogan is the first AI butler for everyone, this invention is clearly revolutionary and can change the way we all live our day to day lives.Awesome New Technology

Awesome New Technology 

Franky Zappatas Flyboard Air

Zapata Racing has achieved the dream of all men and offers you the first video of Franky Zapata flying on the innovation Flyboard® Air.

The Independent Propulsion Unit represents 4 years of hard work for a result exceeding all records:
– Autonomous flight up to 10,000 feet
– Top speed of 150km/h (93,2 mph)
– 10 min autonomy

01:34 SmartAll - The First AI Butler for Everyone

SmartAll is an AI Butler integrated with a camera and a hub for your home, security and everything you need to create a new life style.

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Awesome New Technology 2016 Cool Gadgets and Inventions #6


Watch this video compilation of our top picks for new technology 2016 and see what's new in gadgets and inventions.

New Technology 2016

Augmented reality is a very real thing for us who have lived to 2016. This hololens from Microsoft leads the way with quality of product and functionality. Skype video calls are a thing of the past because now you can have the appearance of your friends and family at your house in person! Outside of communication, you can play games or view documents with it as well, surely making this a fire hot new gadget.


Hoverboards exist they just aren’t on market right now, still in development there are a few leading prototypes. The Acraboard can go over land or water, the hendo 2.0 seems easier to balance on due to its 4 engines, the lexus hoverboard seems to be the most probable of the three to hit market due to its superconductor magnets and liquid nitrogen seeming to make it more profitable than the others. This new technology 2016 will have us all thinking about the movie Back to the Future.

Freebird Flight Drone

The Freebird flight drone is a brand new type of drone, this sturdy drone is meant to do one thing and that’s work. This drone can fly using a chainsaw, so no more paying other people to trim your trees, you can now do it from the couch. This drone is weatherproof and is feasible to use a network of them to plant over a billion trees in a year! This hot new drone can put an end to deforestation. The Aeromobile 3.0 is a brand new flying car, take to the skies or the streets to find the thrills behind the wheel of this 21st century sports car. New Technology 2016

The Ehang184

The Ehang184 is a car sized, electric powered, drone that will fly you safely to your destination. Completely automatic all you have to do is set your course and the system will navigate you safely through the route. This new technology 2016 will have you rethinking your automobile. New Technology 2016

Artificial Gills Re-breather

Have you ever wished you had gills? Well the first of its kind artificial gills re-breather is now here. With this little baby you can maintain oxygen underwater without the clunky weight of oxygen tanks for 45 minutes up to 15 ft deep. If i still lived on a beach I would already own a pair. This gadget from Triton might be hot but it will keep you cool.

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