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New Camera Inventions To Love High Exposure 

So let's face it cameras are more common than most tech we have. Thus they get advancements more frequently with that exposure. These are new camera inventions we fell in love with and sincerely hope you do as well! We have confidence that cameras will be around for a long time, so why not indulge yourself in some awesome camera tech!

New Camera Inventions

Sphereicam 2 Life In VR

Since VR goes hand in hand with camera tech it is no wonder someone made the Spehereicam 2. So this ingenious ball of cameras records in 4k and shoots in 360 degrees! Is it any wonder why we love this camera? The best part of this is that it can stream to your phone via an app so you can enjoy and record simultaneously. Additionally I bet sunsets are absolutely breathtaking from the eyes of the Spehereicam 2.

New Camera Inventions
Sphereicam 2


For many of us DLSR is the only way to take pictures or video. Likewise we tend to hit problems when trying to record ourselves that doesn't require editing lots of trips to the camera. However using UNLEASHED you can unlock the full potential of your DLSR. Finally our favorite cameras can enter the wireless age with us. It is so small you don't notice it at all. Further still you can even pack it plugged in and control features and settings wireless. Best yet using UNLEASHED and it's app you can control up to 6 cameras.

Further New Camera Inventions

In light of these great technologies I assure you this video has even more awesome camera technology inside. A camera for astronomy, a stand a customizable camera are among the other tech awaiting for you. We hoped you loved these new camera inventions as much as we have. 


00:11 Hitch Hiker OM: Lightweight Balanced Tripod Head

01:51 Sphericam 2, the 4K 360º Video Camera for VR

03:53 UNLEASHED - Full Control Over Your DSLR From Your Smartphone

07:12 Tiny1: The World's Smallest Astronomy Camera

09:35 CROZ D.I.Y Digital Camera-Simple. Stylish. Iconic



Ultimate Power Bank Life 26000mAh Review

26000mAh Power Bank Review

Today we will be reviewing the 26000mAh Ultimate Power Bank from EasyAcc. First the scoring for this product for aesthetics and functionality separately for a more detailed review. If you must know at the time of this review you can grab these for about 50 dollars USD. This power bank boasts four smart charger outputs, two charge inputs and a flashlight! However what this thing really boasts is an ultimate power bank life with 26000mAh.

Ultimate Power Bank

The Sleek Power Bank By EasyAcc

Initially when you see the 26000 mAh power bank you love the way it looks. However holding it it is much heavier than it looks. It still weighs in under two lbs so don't be put off by that. The EasyAcc power bank comes in a dual color theme. Even though it only comes in a black matte finish with an orange accent color It looks great! After all is said and done this power bank is well organized and easy on the eyes. So for a rating on the looks I would give this powerbank a 9.5/10. Due in part to its well organized and sleek look, but lacking customization in colors.

Ultimate Power Bank Life What's The Big Deal

However your grasp of battery knowledge is you know 26000 is a big number. However what does it mean? So in English this power bank can charge your new phones over 6 times without needing a charge! Truly this has the ultimate power bank life. Furthermore the smart charge outputs give optimal charge to all your devices. Not only will you receive optimal charge but it cuts off when they reach full. Alas being equipped with an LED flashlight makes this power bank a great buy for disaster prep! They even knew that such a huge battery would take forever to fully charge so they included two charge ports! Finally the amazing forethought into this power bank earns it a bold 9.5/10. We feel if it could jump a car it would deserve a 10/10 but it is well worth its price!

Ultimate Power bank

Overall Review Overview

In other words this power bank receives an outstanding 9.0/10. The great power behind this battery and the thought into the product makes it an industry leader! Alas this power bank looks great and is organized well, it is also set be as convenient to use and charge. Furthermore as I stated earlier this power bank is great for disaster prep to keep updated and connected with your area. Finally we have found the ultimate power bank life span available to us today!

Where to get the ultimate power bank


New Technology Trends you WILL LOVE

New Technology Trends To Love

Today there are all sorts of new technology trends. These trends come in all shapes and sizes from intricate motherboards with compacted technology to simple adjustments to non-high tech things we use every day. Alas we shall look at some great new technology trends to love.

Fathom The Fathom One

Initially when you think of drones we think of the things we fly in the sky. However, this is not the case our first drones were made to function underwater. So, the Fathom One is a fantastic underwater drone due to its commercial friendliness. Finally, an underwater drone will not cost us thousands of dollars. In fact you can own a Fathom One for under a grand estimated retail being $600.00 USD This great drone can be used to explore the water like never before! If we have only explored about 10% of our oceans who knows what else we can discover with the Fathom One!

New Technology Trends

It's A Hands Free Life For Us

The Respeaker allows us to interact hands free with almost any of our technologies! While using Respeaker you can connect with nearly all technologies and control them with your voice. Even now Voice activation saves us time on our cellphones tablets and even computers! Alas why not your TVs Radios Coffee pot or more! Even further the Respeaker is perfect for any business even plants while being affordable enough for your home. 

New Technology Trends

Brighten Up Your Day

Even though the world is filled with technology finding the right technology is difficult. These technologies are being loved in review and satisfaction! Be sure to watch the full video to see all the featured technology. Also comment below and let us know what you thought about these technologies. Finally some new technology trends to love and brighten up your day!

Featured Technology

00:11 Fathom One | The Affordable, Modular, HD Underwater Drone

03:30 ReSpeaker | Add Voice Commands to anything!

07:30 Welt | The smartbelt for fashion.

XY Findit Gen 3 Review – Gadget Reviews 2016

Welcome To The Review

So the XY Findit Gen 3 has been redesignefd to provide simple and quality customer interactions. To point out, they are glad to have improved it based on peoples previous feedback. Initially, when used you could save 60 hours or more a year by using this simple device. Sometimes in the process you can help someone retrieve their lost or stolen goods using the simple app. Provided that this third generation just came out, just what does the XY Findit do. First let's see what it has to offer, then we will rank it.

XY Findit Gen 3

XY Findit Gen 3 App

Since we can't think of anyone who doesn't love user friendly apps, let's start there! So, the XY Findit Gen 3 has a newly redesigned app. As a matter of fact the new app is probably what makes this device so great. First this app is based around building a community of people. Whereas this app won't make us actually socialize with each other for extended periods of time. We will reach out and help people more willingly. This redefined app looks like google maps but you can see any of your XY Findits on this map. In like manner it will let other users see when you lost something and where it is. 

XY Findit Gen 3 Aesthetics

First and foremost the XY Findit Gen 3 is sleek and elegant. In light of its sleek look it remains durable. Additionally batteries take 2016 watch batteries, which are not that expensive when bought in bulk. Likewise to being sleek and durable it also comes in eight awesome colors suiting every personality. Uniquely there is a button you can press on the device that from looking at it you could never tell. So for aesthetics we here at Minds Eye Design give the XY Findit a 10/10. This device truly looks great!

XY Findit Function

In light of how it looks the XY Findit functions as it should. Notably a nice loud speaker, and a community based app. Yet, these are only some great functions of the XY Findit. Alas this device goes above and beyond what it should have to do to make sure our valuables stay our valuables. Furthermore, in our use of the XY Findit; we had no issue finding our objects even when we left them places downtown. For one thing you might be surprised at how many people in your city is using an XY already, we were. So we would score this device a 9.5 out of 10 in functionality. As a result to our wishing that when you made the device beep it also would light up. Thus making the XY noticeable in the dark more so. However that minor thing cant keep it from a great review.

XY Findit Gen 3


Finally and overall the XY Findit can solve your problem misplacing things easily. The XY Findit also goes above and beyond to ensure you don't lose it out and about either. Thus overall this device gets a 9.25 out of 10 or a 5 star review! So please comment below what you think of this review. Also watch the video one lucky subscriber will win their very own XY Findit gen 3. 

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Find your keys. Find your phone. Find everything with the all new XY3!

OUTDOOR GADGETS and Equipment You’ll Love 3

Lightweight & Durable

Together with being both lightweight and durable these outdoor gadgets and equipment have it all! So who couldn't love that? Alas being geared for the outdoors is not always as easy as it sounds. Sometimes finding the perfect equipment depends on your needs as a person and your environment alike. Occasionally, it is much simpler to invent your own gear to suit your needs. However, these brilliant minds have quite the awesome collection of outdoor inventions.

Solar Pop Up Tent, Cinch!

Above all, this tent is a cinch to set up; probably where it gets its name from. Not to mention this tent is green using solar power to power its electronics and your favorite ones. Nevertheless this tent was invented for camping music festivals and all your wants at them. This tent is perfect as a family tent as well keeping you much more cool and relaxed then a lot of other tents on the market. If you love outdoor gadgets and equipment, you need Cinch!outdoor gadgets

Outdoor Gadgets and Equipment, Pieces That Fit!

Initially this may not seem like a good idea, but how about a collapsible kayak? Alas, these normally flimsy feeling kayak now feel and reacts more durable as well as being more portable! Also assembly is a breeze and takes around thirty seconds! So did I mention they fold into a backpack design? So gather some friends with the Cubykayak and make a stable kayak for as many friends as you have! Finally outdoor innovation that is adjustable to your current needs! Be social or enjoy nature in seclusion with the Cubykayak!

outdoor gadgets

Get Geared

Gather your friends and family and get your nature on! If you love the outdoors there is no better year to live in and get geared for than 2016! These outdoor gadgets and equipment set the bar high!

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Securing The Insecure World

With the world tripping about being more secure in the face of terrorism and crime sprees among other things. We need to feel secure when we are at home, at the very least. These brilliant gadgets will ensure you feel secure. We are innovative people in an evolving world and here are our new favorites for home security gadgets.

Home Security Out Of Old Technology

Like many people around the world, most of us have an old cellphone or five somewhere in the house. When we change cellphones on average every eighteen months there tends to be lots of computing power going to waste. The Rico is an amazing new invention to make use of your old cellphones as smart camera devices to provide real time footage of your house. Alas Rico does much more to secure your home then provide motion detection and video. Rico will detect dangerous emissions and smoke within your home and notify you if levels start to become dangerous! Finally the Rico is your adorable solution to home security.

Home Security

Your Digital Key

Initially the BOLD smart lock appears to be your standard lock when out of a door. However, there is something off about this smart-lock. If you look closely you will notice no place to put a key in, this is because there is no option for a key. Our least secure part of our door is actually our lock, it's a little ironic. However, the BOLD seeks to solve this with registering your phone to unlock itself for you as you walk to the door. You can grant whomever you want blanket access, access for a limited time or access for a day of the week. Finally a customization friendly door for your needs. If you're looking to secure your home but can't keep track of a key, use your phone! This home security system will ensure you feel safe.


Home Security

In A World Of Threats

When the world seems darkest there are bright minds somewhere to shine light to your darkness. These great minds have come up with some fantastic ways to ensure we feel safe. So follow the trend and get secure with these great home security gadgets!

Comment Below

Let us know below which of these home security gadgets you find most useful.

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In A Galaxy Much Closer To Home

Today, we are looking at some epic inventions that are available to us. Some of these gadgets give you the feel to a galaxy far, far away. Better yet these technologies do not leave us with outrageous expectations and shine hope on tomorrow. These epic inventions will get you where you need to go as well as guide the future of technology.

Epic Inventions: Droids

In the first place Cowarobot R1 is an obvious technology that feels like its straight from starwars. Not only an autonomous droid but also a suitcase. Uniquely this great piece of technology can do so much more than secure your travel belongings. Initially R1 doesn't seem overly impressive staying near a user. However, it will avoid obstacles and can even use a find me feature to track you down! R1 won't stop here, it secures your belongings with a combination of safe locks. So what if R1 can't repair your X-Wing this is a great step in droid technology!

Epic Inventions


Let The Movpak Move You

If you live in the city than you know why you would want this. Travel can be a hassle in big cities. Not only because of congested traffic but also because carrying things using public transit is a hassle. Finally the Movpak is a backback and electric vehicle all in one! Finally carrying your load and your electric vehicle onto public transit is super easy and comfortable. The Movpak is the way of the future for pedestrian travel. Let these epic inventions move you and your stuff today!

epic inventions

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Which of the epic inventions featured above did you find most interesting or useful?

New Inventions 2016 and Technology Trends ✔


Check to go ahead and introduce to you some of the great new inventions 2016 technology trends has to offer! Sometimes life can be quite stressful. Not only can it be physically draining but mentally draining as well. Yet we have ingenuity on our side to help us overcome the stresses of living. Allow us at Tech 

Petcube Bites

Our pets are our best friends, loyal to the end and always behaved while you're around. Yet when we leave they sometimes rebel or get anxious while you're out. The Petcube seeks to change all of this! Gone are the days of worrying what chaos your best friend will welcome you home to. This great pet invention comes in three colors and two models with different features. For all of us dog owners we might prefer the Petcube Bites; this handy invention has many tools to keep your dog calm. Some of the exclusive features to this model include a treat dispenser and a night vision camera. The treat dispenser can throw at different trajectories  to better enhance the user and pet experience when rewarding your best friend. As well as two way speaking and motion detector so you can know when your pup is getting into trouble. In addition you can give verbal commands through the Petcube Bites and even hear what is going on in the house!

New Inventions 2016 Technology Trends

New Inventions 2016 Technology Trends for pet owners Petcube Play

Alas, like true animal lovers they know our feline best friends will be less thrilled about the Petcube Bites. So they invented a Petcube with the same video quality but instead of a treat dispenser it has a laser toy! Now even cat owners can enjoy the awesome that is Petcube. The true future of pet owner must haves!

Office Health 2016

Anyone who knows anything about the future job market knows working from home is the way of the future. With working at home you set your own schedule which can lead to rather intense marathon work sessions, trust us we know. Alas there does reside a solution to the strain of marathon office work! Welcome to the future a one size fits all smart desk. Initially it seems like a normal two tier work desk, the classic look and feel. However, upon close inspection and a little play with the app watch as the desk modifies itself to perfectly suit your height and weight as well as weather you are sitting or standing! The amazing Gaze desk will also notify you if you have sat too long and should work standing up, or take a break. Maximize comfort and your health while working from the smartest desk on the market!

New Inventions 2016 Technology Trends

New Inventions 2016 Technology Trends 

These handy new inventions 2016 technology trends will continue to develop beyond our wildest dreams. The future is always in the next generation's hands and imaginations. We can only dream part of what the future has in store for these inventions. What else can 2016 offer only time will tell what great new inventions 2016 technology trends can offer!

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Which of these new inventions 2016 technology trends did you find most interesting?

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New Gadgets Revolution

This time we have some cool new gadgets that will blow your mind. In light of the technology revolution we are in, there are many advancements being made daily. Here are some of my top picks for these new gadgets to blow your mind.

Lift Your Soul

Lift is an amazing device, it is a wireless charger for your smart-watch! Whereas wireless charging is no new thing, this one levitates your smart-watch while it charges! When you aren't using the lift to charge your devices you can use it as a levitating lamp. Better yet use it as a power bank for later hours when you're out on the go. Let the Lift into your life and elevate your new gadgets on bold display while charging. Alas the lift will not only blow your mind but lift your soul with its ultra-modern design.

New Gadgets 2016

Bolt M1 Motorbike

Initially you might think the Bolt M1 is nothing special but it is so much more than meets the eye. This Motorbike can take you farther, faster than any other bike on the market. This motorbike also has the strength to go off road, making it perfect to commute a city of hills. The ultimate goal of the Bolt M1 was to make commuting not only fun but easy and they have. 

Concluding Notes

The new gadgets that come out every day are awesome sights to behold. Alas with each passing day we find ourselves feeling a little more like the Jetsons every day.  With good reason as well every day that passes there is new technology to scour the planet for! Comment below which of these new gadgets was your favorite. 

New Gadgets 2016 Zoro II Wireless Headphones Review

Zoro II wireless

Sometimes we want quality audio but we do not have hundreds of dollars to shell out for quality audio. If you are someone who wants fantastic mid range headphones for cheap the Zoro II wireless is certainly for you! These headphones are amazing in functionality and in appearance. Initially, I was blown away by the quality for the price and it still stands amazing days later. 

Zoro II


As a matter of fact these are one of if not the best bargain headphones on the marker today! Where these headphones excel is mid-range. While the bass won't be booming causing the headphones to tremble with powerful lows. They also wont have scratchy head-ache inducing highs. The new Vortik speakers broaden the range over its predecessor. Finally headphones you can literally listen to day and night, with a 30+ hour battery life. The Zoro II wireless also boasts a wireless mic with a ten meter transmission distance.

Function Score

Alas there are some negatives to the features in Zoro II. While it is easy to connect I couldn't get the NFC to work. While it remains comfortable for long term use, there is minor pressure attributed to these headphones. Moreover there is some audio leakage where people near you can hear your music. However, it isn't all bad if you just need the 3.5 aux jack, it stays plugged in firmly without extra steps. So for functionality this headset gets a 9/10

Appearance and Score

Equally important to performing well your headphones have to look good. Whereas these headphones do not disappoint. The Zoro II wireless holds a beautiful design with a glossy black piano finish. They even collapse with an awesome snap feature for convenient storage and display when not in use. The only negative sides to the way this looks is the piano finish attracts fingerprints like crazy! Alas the appearance gets a 9/10 while the fingerprints are the issue here, they are easily managed and easy to avoid if aware.


Overall this is my favorite set of budget headphones I've come across. A solid 9/10 review making this a 5 star review! So awesome job and thank you Noontec! So what do you guys think of the Zoro II wireless headset? Let us know what kind of stuff you guys most enjoy from us. We are seeking to better ourselves and are seeking to improve upon the good and do away with the bad.