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Cool New Inventions That Prove We Live in the Future #4


Cool New Inventions That Prove We Live In The Future #4


These cool new inventions and more will prove that today we live in a world of future technology. Stay tuned for more cool new inventions that proves the world of tomorrow is in the world of today!


ALAN is a magnificent and stunning first future step to at home robotics. It can see and analyze 3D objects in real time, and if that isn’t impressive enough he is aware of his appearance! These cool new invention is capable to retrieve data at home from WI-FI and recite information in real time making his capabilities as limitless as a talking head can be in this age in time. If you’ve seen I Robot you have the general idea of what this AI looks like, and it makes sense since the manufactures for ALAN are experience Hollywood artists.


CarDroid is a cool new invention to notify yourself when your car is in a collision via text message, to ensure you get the information from the other driver. It also just so happens to be the best way to notify yourself where your car is when you lend it to your teen child. Be there when you need them, know where they go and rest easy that they’re safe, no more surprises, CarDroid.


SleepPhones is an ingenious solution for those who need help to sleep, and the perfect solution to bed friendly headphones. An elastic headband and blue-tooth headset Solving your partner's snoring or your insomnia comfortably. What really makes this proven cool new invention has the ability to charge wireless.

Liberty Trike

Another cool new invention you will love the Liberty Trike is possibly the most simplistic but most genius invention in this grouping. Give yourself mobility, dignity, and self-satisfaction, with LibertyTrike. Take a leisure glide in the collapsible trike totally self motorized up to seven miles per hour, Or take the mobility to human power and assist or fully power the LibertyTrike. A trike is truly the best solution for those active citizens who notice a loss of energy and or mobility but still thirst for more outdoor time. 
Cool New Inventions

Featured Cool New Inventions

00:11 ALAN The Robot Development Kit The first modular robot kit designed to explore android and human interactions. 3:39 Walli - The Smart Wallet
Futuristic Smart Wallet - New Inventions and Technologies
The world's smartest wallet, Walli connects to your phone and sends you a notification wherever and whenever you leave it behind!
4:15 CarDroid - First Android Vehicle Monitoring Device.
6:32 SleepPhones Effortless: Wireless Headphones & Charger
8:57 The Liberty Electric Tricycle Cool New Inventions
Check out this cool new invention the electric adult trike with the power to change your life. The Liberty Electric Tricycle is the ultimate mobility solution empowering you to leave your car at home, get around effortlessly when needed, and be more active outdoors!

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Square Skateboard Wheels – New Inventions and Technologies

Square Skateboard Wheels – New Inventions and Technologies

Go faster. Slide better. Ride on wet surfaces with incredible grip or go smoothly through gravel. 
What may have seemed like an absolute impossibility one of the best inventions of 2015 is a reinvention of the wheel. This new technology comes in the form of square wheels and it's one of the greatest new forms of tech in the skateboarding world today. Although the applications for these square wheels are certainly not going to be finding themselves on cars anytime immediately, the new tech is showing some real promise when it comes to the skateboarding world.
Cool and Awesome Inventions New Technologies and Gadgets
Shark wheel technology is helping skateboarders to do more and actually has taken home a number of competitions due to its unique technology. Not only is this wheel design faster but with the sine wave shape it's possible to go over rough terrain, get better slide control and more.
 Shark Wheel square wheels are somewhere in between a sphere and a cube in their shape. These “Square Wheel” attachments easily connect to your skateboard and are perfect for just cruising around and achieving the maximum in high-performance speed. Available in a variety of different sizes these high-performance wheels of taking home first, third and fourth in three different international competitions for cruising and downhill events. 
w Skateboard Gadgets and Inventions
Many riders report that these wheels do produce a small amount of vibration but they can actually help you to feel the road and the terrain ahead of you much better. Setting up these wheels for cruising is relatively simple especially if you keep your trucks set in a higher position. Although most skaters recommend setting trucks a bit higher to avoid wheel bite the shark wheel is easy to adapt for experienced skaters worldwide.
If you are interested in experiencing the reinvention of the wheel or a whole other skateboarding dimension you should give these wheels a try. Square Wheels like this may soon be making their way into other applications as well so keep an eye out for shark wheel new technology in other areas. 

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Cool New Inventions That Prove We Live in the Future #2


Cool New Inventions That Prove We Live In The Future #2

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While many people complain that we can't currently vacation on Mars or fly to work in a Jetsons like floating vehicle we do have some inventions that definitely prove that the future is now. With a number of cool new inventions for 2015 there are new innovations which are fast proving that we are living in a Revolutionary age for new technology. Here are some of the top inventions from this year that proved the future is now.
0:11 OpenBCI: Biosensing for Everybody. This is one of the most innovative gadgets of the year and it comes from a 3-D printer device. Open BCI is a brain sensing headset that can actually allow you to translate your thoughts into real life commands. 
Bio number of different interfaces. The future of this technology could have people sensing technology like this is programmable and capable of controlling a to those who are disabled as well as offer a faster and more efficient way to controlling their vehicles with their thoughts, could provide greater support complete tasks every day. 
5:28 Ulo - An interactive home monitoring owl. interactive home security has become a big market in the past year. Ulo is a surveillance camera and pet that interacts with your family members through their eye movements. This new gadget makes it easy to keep an eye on your household and your children.
Ulo - An interactive home monitoring owl. interactive home security has become a big market in the past year.

7:03 PHIRO: A Smart Robot For Kids - Learn To Code In 5 Ways A LEGO® compatible robotics toy for all kids. Play, Code & Innovate to develop 21st century skills. If you have ever envisioned your kids playing with robots Phiro can help you to realize that future. This Lego compatible technology helps kids to build fully programmable robots under Lego pieces and gadgets included with the product.

Cool New Inventions That Prove We Live in the Future9:44 scanPAD:Scan Pad is a professional grade scanning solution for your smart phone. If you ever need to scan documents or get professional grade copies while you are on the go, the process is easy with this new scanner. The scanner has everything that you need for presentations including I hands-free holder, overhead projector, mini photo studio and professional quality scanner. Scanpad uses new Bluetooth technology and a functional stand to create the coolest scanner ever.
15:41 Klikr – Control your home electronics from your smartphone.  Now everyone can have access to a high-quality universal remote on their smart phone. Klikr is a simple attachment that can be used to control all of the infrared remotes in your home to have full control over all of your devices. You can automate your home all from your cell phone.

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Cool New Inventions That Prove We Live in the Future


Cool New Inventions That Prove We Live In The Future

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Featured in this video:
0:13 Guest - Work With Your Hands Gest is a wearable device that allows you to control your computer or mobile device with your hands. Gest is a new way of working with your computer. It understands your hand and finger positions with a high degree of precision, so you can use it to get things done in a more intuitive way. It’s beautifully designed, light, and comfortable. Gest conforms to your hand size and shape through its adjustable palm strap and moldable finger mounts.
Gest is a wearable device that allows you to control your computer or mobile device with your hands. 1:41 Wink - Learn to code with a bug! Robots for everyone!
Wink is an Arduino based robot designed to help transition students from graphical programming to more powerful written code languages. His low cost and smarts are perfectly suited to STEM education and learning workshops. He's also a perfect introduction for grownups interested in tinkering with robotics that don't know where to begin. 
Learning Toys for Kids New Technology to help kids Learn
The Scratch programming environment has become a popular way to introduce kids to basic programming concepts. The graphical interface is easy and inviting.  Eventually students need to move on to writing actual code. We designed Wink to be the next logical step - allowing students and grownups to learn actual written code with small simple steps while having fun along the way. The Wink project was born out of collaboration with educators who were looking for a robot platform to bridge the simplicity of graphical style programming to "real world" programming languages like Java, Python, C, and C++. Wink is a great solution. He is low cost, fun to play with, and well suited to teach the basics of written code in an engaging way.
Cool New Technologies and Inventions 5:07 3DPhotoworks - Bringing the World's Greatest Art to Blind People. A printing process that allows Blind people to "see" (their words) art & photography.
Cool New Technology and Inventions Heated Clothing
11:41 Ravean - The World's First Heated Down Jacket EXTRA FEATURES: Battery-Free Heated Gloves, Comfort Zone -20C to 10C, Water Resistant, 5-year Warranty, Packable, Ultra Thin, Washable 15:41 AirDonkey: Earn Money On Your Bike The AirDonkey smart lock & kit turns your spare bike into a rental bike. Earn money while tourists enjoy your city on a bike!

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5 New Technologies and Inventions #7


Cool New Inventions That Prove We Live in the Future

5 New Technologies and Inventions #7


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The FlyKly Smart Ped assists you with an electric motor system can power your distance off as little as one kick. Folds compact for when you don’t need it and when you wish to use it keep going further with less effort. In the end that is what technology is all about making life easier.Latest coolest New Inventions from Minds Eye Design Marbleocity seeks to give parents a new fun way to interact with their kids in an interactive and fun science lesson. We all know science class had the most fun labs now get your kids a jump start with Marbleocity. Teach your kids scientific laws like the conservation of energy with a graphic novel and marble assembly kit that they can then build and physically be demonstrated the lesson that they helped build. Nora the anti-snore aid that helps you and your partner feel better in the morning, without being invasive. This revolutionary new way to stop snoring and help reduce the risk of heart attacks is able to go unnoticed with ease, unless someone shows you or you own one you won’t know what it is. The eGroove is the first all wheel drive electric scooter. No longer be confined to maintained city streets and well groomed parks you want adventure,seek it with the eGroove. The Bruvelo is designed to do one and only one thing, make the perfect cup of coffee and make it every time. Set your taste preference and it will make the perfect cup every time. The Bruvelo is designed to make sure the processes of Steep, grind, ratios, temp, bloom, and filtration all automated for the perfect cup of coffee every time, any time. Top New Invention and Technologies from 2015 Featured in this video: 0:12 FlyKly Smart Ped This beautifully practical kick assist e-bike is the smartest move around the city as it extends your ride and folds easily. Top New Inventions of 2015 Cool New Technologies and Gadgets 2:35 Marbleocity Marble Machine Kit - A STEM Maker Experience Marbleocity teaches engineering and physics concepts through dynamic model kits made of wood in America! 5:09 Nora, The Smart Snoring Solution The world's first smart, non-invasive snoring solution is here. Nora is the first smart and non-invasive snoring solution that’s designed specifically to stop snoring before it wakes your sleeping partner. With Nora, there is nothing to wear to bed—no masks, dentures, or nose strips. In fact, you might not be able to spot it in a bedroom unless someone points it out. 7:37 eGroov - First All Road, All-Wheel Drive Electric Scooter Introducing eGroov: A modular all-wheel drive electric scooter that will take you anywhere. City, beach and forest! 9:34 Bruvelo. Simplify and elevate your coffee. Compact, smart and beautifully simple. It was built to do one thing and everything in between: Brew. Amazing. Coffee.

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5 of the Coolest Inventions and Gadgets


5 of the Coolest Inventions and Gadgets

The Phonedrone ethos is an invention that further proves we are bound to our phones forever. The Phonedrone ethos is the Red Bull for your phone giving it wings to take the world from a whole new dimension, the sky! Perfect for drone fans and phone photographers everywhere. Boogie dice is sound activated self rolling dice, wait what? That’s right clap your hands, snap your fingers, these dice will roll themselves. For added effect next time you are hanging out with some friends and you have these shout “vast cosmic powers.” and clap your hands to watch your friends freak out over your wizarding skills Harry.5 of the coolest Inventions The Eora 3D is 3D scanning simple, efficient. The Eora 3D is also cheap relatively speaking of course for what you could shell out for a 3D printer of this quality It connects to your smart device compatible with Android galaxy and IOS after their 5 counterparts. It allows you to render 3D images with ease and transfer them to a digital state for modifications, or to sell goods with a quality 3D image for super rare artifacts that would cost a load such as colonial weapons. The Looksee is a dynamic custom piece of fashion infused with smartwatch technology. You customize the display for a personal touch or to match whatever you happen to be wearing that day. You can access anything from your phone on the Look See, so go to their website and have a looksee at Looksee. MYNT is an awesome remote and tracker for all your devices that are Bluetooth capable. Use MYNT to never forget stuff like your phone, to take selfies, give presentations and more. MYNT is small and durable quality for your quality gadgets. Featured in this video: 0:13 PhoneDrone Ethos - A whole new dimension for your smartphone. 3:10 Boogie Dice - Self rolling, sound activated gaming dice! Clap your hands and Boogie Dice will start to roll by themselves like magic! 5:34 eora 3D | High-Precision 3D Scanning on Your Smartphone Green lasers are cool, especially when they turn your smartphone into a highly accurate and affordable 3D scanner. 8:25 Eyecatcher: The Smart, Large-Display, Super-Charged Wearable 10:53 MYNT A super functional control platform that connects to many things for easy organization. Thin and sleek, the ultimate smart companion.

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5 Cool New Technologies and Inventions #6

5 Cool New Technologies And Inventions #6

functional desk latest inventions for work space

Featured in this video:

0:11 Ohbot2 - A Robot Head to program from your PC Ohbot2 is an affordable kit robot and graphical software that works with your PC. It comes with an Arduino-compatible servo controller Cool new inventions for your smart phone

2:31 Suaoki 20W Solar Powered Phone Charger Introducing the Suaoki 20W Solar Powered Phone Charger High Conversion Efficiency: 20 watt Sunpower monocrystalline solar panel Intelligent Technology with intelligent chip built-in, the charger can automatically and quickly identify the current of your equipment and speed up the charge process. Dual USB Output: provide enough power to charge two devices at the same time when you run into embarrassing power outage moments. Ultra portable: Triple fold design and lightweight makes it very easy to pack into your backpack. Thoughtful details: well-placed eye-hole, mounting loops around the panel and 4 carabiner hooks 3:18 GateKeeper Bluetooth-Enabled Computer Security Device GateKeeper is a very small FOB that you can attach to your keychain, backpack, employee identification badge holder or just keep it in your pocket. It works with a USB dongle on the system and using Bluetooth wireless with AES encryption monitors signal strength between the two units. When the signal drops, the GateKeeper knows you are away from the keyboard and locks your system giving you peace of mind that your information and applications are secure. The range before triggering a lock is adjustable and setting up GateKeeper takes only about a minute on a Windows system; coming soon to Mac platforms. Check them out: GateKeeper.

4:20 The Zstand - Sleek, Sexy Technology! Sleek, modern, mobile, ergonomically-designed computer/tablet stand creates optimum functional and stylish mobility. 6:01 Memento Smart Frame: World's Most Advanced 4K Smart Frame Memento is the world’s most advanced 4K Smart Frame that displays your photos in stunning Ultra HD unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

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5 Cool New Technologies and Inventions #5

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Awesome Top New Wearable Inventions

Awesome Top New Wearable Inventions

Featured in this video: 0:11 Catch the night with flag football after dark our night time flag football kit has fiber-optics and interactive LED technologies to light players, football, flags and the field.

Awesome Top New Wearable Inventions
3:45 Air conditioned suit/coveralls, custom backpack, lawnmower. Are you tired of having to deal with all the filth, sweating, and torture that comes along with hot outdoor projects! Have you ever just wished you could flip a switch and have an instant bubble of cold air surround you, so you could be at peace and free from all the burdensome heat? That’s what the StayCool air conditioned suit is made for! It’s also so much more than a suit, it's a system of products all in one designed to keep you cool in the hot season, and built to last with commercial components. When you buy this astronaut grade air conditioned suit, your also buying 2 other products with hundreds of applications.
air conditioned suit
6:45 Percko - Wear it and get perfect posture!
Percko is an undershirt that teaches you how to have the right posture.
8:18 Kerv – the world’s first contactless payment ring
Pay with a single gesture – anywhere in the world that accepts contactless payments. No card, PIN, bank account or smartphone required.

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New Green Technology ★ Top Picks #1


New Green Technology ★ Top Picks 


Here are four Green Technology you are sure to enjoy these are most noteworthy, LowLine: An Underground Park in NYC, AirEnergy 3D: A 3D printed, opensource, mobile wind turbine, Bettery: Limitless Batteries, and Nano the Heated Wireless Mug/Cup. Share this video:  Green TechnologySo you've heard of green buildings, green businesses, green products, and another, green living, but have you ever heard of green technology?

Green Technology

Green technology is simply any technology that is more efficient and environmentally friendly. If you're not sure what that means, one example is a printer that uses less energy and ink for printing but still gives you the results you're looking for. That's green technology - it's both efficient and environmentally friendly!


LowLine is an exciting new park idea from the city that never sleeps historic lower east side. This park has an innovative way to make an underground park in a historic trolley station not seem like a creepy and dreary idea after all. The super intensive skylights harness the energy of the sun and intensifies it as such that you can actually support photosynthesis underground! The designs for the park and the concept art are impeccably breathtaking.


3D printing is slowly becoming the way of the future, for those in the know with the spare cash to spend its the way of today. As the name would suggest, AirEnergy3D is a 3D printed wind turbine! Best part is it is durable, portable as well as it is capable! With one unit providing up to 300 Watts you, in the right environmental conditions, could easily streamline this at home creation. In so doing, provide up to and exceeding your home's monthly consumption, if that isn’t green technology at its finest for some I don’t know what is.Green Technology

The Bettery

The Bettery is efficiency at its finest, and more efficient something is makes it more green. This battery lasts up to 3 times as long as premium alkaline batteries. They also last about 900 - 1000 swaps after being returned to the company, which also recycles after they can no longer be used. This means not only is the technology green, but the company is being as green as possible.

Nano Heated Wireless Mug/Cup

The Nano Heated Wireless Mug/Cup will keep your drinks at a pleasantly intense heat of 63C (145F) to 68C (155F) for up to 45 minutes. This mug conserves energy by shutting off automatically after thirty minutes, and lasting up to three cup servings before requiring a charge. On top of that it is well insulated for superior energy conservation making this one ofif not the greenest mug on the market for all you warm drink enthusiasts out there.
0:13 LowLine: An Underground Park on NYC's Lower East Side
green technology 2:08 AirEnergy 3D 
6:12 Bettery - Limitless batteries 8:53 Nano Heated Wireless Mug/Cup

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