About Us

If you are not Progressing, you are Regressing

Greetings and thank you, friends and fans!

Duane "Mind" is the founder and man behind the scenes. He loves comics and nothing gets him more excited from Hollywood than Marvel movies. He enjoys all genres of music but rock happens to be his favorite. Quite the tech guy, Duane actually has an impressive drone collection. Play games with Duane | League of Legends: XVicksHash 

Joel is someone Mind has invited onto the team to write more in depth blogs. While he does not much care for Hollywood, he loves movies that hail from Asia, Anime, and video games. He is the nerdiest hippie you will meet. Joel also does our tech reviews that we have kicked off in an attempt to  expand the channel. Play games with Joel | League of Legends: FATTYxFATALITY | Gmod: Popebodom4 (on steam)

Tech Check is a collaborative effort by 4 nerds; Joel and Duane included. This channel is on the slow burner but the fast track to progression. and therefore "guest" blog on here.

Exploring Technology Trends

Trending technology is not the only thing we are about, but it is the back bone of our channel. We as nerds love technology and wish to share and educate on the dopest tech around! We want to play our part in humanities progression and effectively share our knowledge on the newest Tech and concepts! Everything that is posted on this blog is a real technology; some still in development unless we say otherwise. We welcome suggestions and Constructive criticism on all of our posts and videos. We hope to better engage, entertain, educate and inspire our treasured viewers and whom better to receive feedback from?

Reviews and Contests

In our attempt to progress the channel and blogs.

As well as to get more comfortable on camera and invest into the channel. We hope to evolve the channel throughout the years that you guys choose to support us. So we have instated subscriber giveaways and reviews, to get to give back to you guys and invest in the channel in a different way.  

Contact Us

We would like to thank all the people who are following us as is and hope that you will comment or write suggestions and constructive criticism to us. To reach us message Joel@mindseyedesignmedia.com (for business) or Leave a comment or message us on our social media for feedback and reviews.